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Workers Compensation

Lauderdale-by-the-Sea Work Comp Insurance

Who needs workers’ comp insurance in Florida?It's important for business owners to know the requirements for workers’ compensation insurance. Florida workers’ comp law specifies that you carry this insurance if you’re in a non-construction industry and have more than four employees. Workers’ compensation is a crucial part of small business insurance because it can cover medical bills, recovery costs, and partial missed wages if an employee is injured at work. It can also cover funeral costs and benefits to an employee’s family in the event of a fatality on the job. That means that your small business insurance can cover medical expenses and lost wages if an employee is injured, Pay legal expenses if an employee files a lawsuit related to a work injury or illness. Comply with applicable workers’ comp laws

How many employees do you have to have for Florida workers’ compensation?Florida law states that workers’ compensation insurance is required when a business has four or more employees, either full- or part-time.

Special considerations

for employees, corporate officers, Sole proprietors and partners are automatically excluded from workers’ comp law, but they can purchase coverage by filing for election of coverage. Construction businesses are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance for every employee, including contractors. They can exempt up to three corporate officers if each can demonstrate ownership of at least 10 percent of the company. So, do you need workers’ comp for part-time employees? Unless they fall into one of the two exceptions above, the answer is yes. Independent contractors may be considered employees.


Workers’ compensation insurance depends on the nature of the work being performed. Florida requires that self-employed workers in the construction industry carry workers’ compensation insurance. If you’re in an industry that has less risk of physical injury and you have no employees, you might still decide that it’s a good idea to have coverage.


not having workers’ compensation in Florida? Employers that operate without the required workers’ comp coverage risk civil penalties. Usually, that means that the business would be subject to a stop-work order that requires all operations to stop until it complies with law and pays a penalty. You could also be subject to a stop-work order if Payroll is understated or concealed Employees’ duties are misrepresented or concealed There is any attempt to avoid paying workers’ compensation premiums.

Workers’ Compensation Cost

in Florida?Workers’ compensation insurance costs vary by state, just like states differ with respect to who needs workers’ comp coverage. In Florida, the average cost is $1.32 per $100 in wages. Jobs have different risk factors; some insurance policies will be more expensive than others. Those with a higher risk of physical injury will have higher insurance premiums than those that are less likely to result in injury.